Spare Ribs

My grand-mother’s spare-ribs recipe. Super tender, sweet, sticky and delicious. It has been a staple of family dinners for years.

Also a recipe that tends to make people go “WTF??” when they read the ingredient list. But I swear, it is delicious and quite hard to mess up. Look for sales on the ribs and give it a try!

3 family sized packs of ribs (about 3 kg)
3 cups of brown sugar
2 liter of Pepsi or Coke*
1 table spoon Worcestershire sauce
3 table spoon Tabasco
1 table spoon soy sauce


1. Cut the meat in manageable chunks. I like to keep mine quite substantial, but an argument can be made to cut each segment off or by groups of two bones.

2. Sear the ribs until some color is obtained on both sides.

3. Transfer the seared chunks to a large stock pot. Add the brown sugar, Tabasco, soy sauce and Worcestershire.

4. Pour the entire bottle of cola over the meat (the meat must be mostly covered).

* Which brand of cola is open for debate, with Pepsi adding a slightly more lemony taste to the result. However, make sure you take the normal version, made with sugar and not with aspartame as the diet version will ruin anything it touches.

5. Cover and simmer on low heat for about 2-3 hours, or until the meat is cooked and the bones start falling off. Then uncover and allow the sauce to reduce for at least 30 more minutes.

6. Serve warm. The ribs will freeze well if kept with their cooking liquid and reheated in a pot (bonus : the fat will rise to the surface as the liquid cools allowing you to remove some of it).


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