Dark chocolate Limoncello truffles

Easy to do, but slightly messy and time consuming.

Ingredients :
325g 70% dark chocolate
300g 35% cream
50g unsalted butter, room temperature
20 ml limoncello
35g honey
zest of 2 lemons
enough ground almond to coat the truffles


1. Weight the chocolate and put in a heat resistant bowl. Find a strainer you can use over that bowl and set the whole thing aside.

2. In a thick bottomed pan, combine the lemon zest and honey.

3. Add the cream and bring to a boil, stirring well to dissolve the honey.

4. Allow the cream to come down from boiling for a few degrees then pour trough the strainers onto the chocolate. You want to remove the zest.

5. Stir the chocolate and cream so that it melts evenly and starts cooling down.

6. Once it’s cooled down to body temperature or so add the limoncello and butter and mix well (you can use an immersion blender for this, just be careful not to incorporate air.)

7. To make properly even truffles pour unto a tray lined with parchment paper. I had space issues in my fridge so I poured the ganache into a large freezer bag and put that in the fridge to cool.

8. Allow the ganache to set.

Depending on how you like to work, you can pipe the truffles (by snipping a corner of the bag) while the ganache is not quite set, you can cut squares out of a tray if you had the room for it… Or you can cheat like I did and allow it to set for a few hours until it could be broken into pieces by hand and then rolling those into truffle shape. If it gets too sticky, put it back in the fridge.

Roll the ganache balls in the ground almonds until no longer sticky. Keep cold until ready to eat.


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