Tire sur la neige

Also know as maple toffee. A spring tradition, sweet and sticky. Easy to do but it requires some (delicious) practice. The main thing to remember is to never stir the syrup as it is cooking.

Maple Syrup.


1. In a large, thick bottom pot, pour an entire can of maple syrup.

2. Over medium-low to medium heat, you will want to bring to syrup to a boil. Plan for a bigger pot then you think you would need, maple syrup expends as it boils.

3 If it is threatening to boil over, reduce the heat or lift the pot off the stove. Do not stir the syrup or shake the pot. Once you lower the heat or remove the pot from the heat the syrup will deflate.

4. During the early stages of the warming up the syrup will form a thin skin like scum (think of the skin on top of warming milk). This skin can be gently skimmed off and eaten like candy while you wait.

5. While the syrup is cooking, prepare a large bowl packed with snow as well as a larger container for the service.

6 One in a while, drizzle a line of syrup on the snow. If it melts through the snow, it needs more cooking. When it reaches the right temperature the tire will stay a top the snow and will solidify.

7. When you are ready, pour the tire unto the prepared snow. You can keep the syrup warm on a very low fire between servings.

8. Using wooden sticks or small forks, pick the tire from the snow and roll into a ball. Eat while still soft. Have some water or coffee on hand to offset the sweetness.


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