Four toppings pizza

A delicious way to have more variety in your pizza dinner. Also good if some of the people are vegetarian as you can choose which toppings you want to eat.

Ingredients :
1 ball of dough
Tomato sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Bocconcini cheese
Black olives
Goat cheese
Cherry or grape tomatoes
Fresh basil
Olive oil


1. Roll out the dough to the  size of your baking sheet. Pre-heat the oven to 400F

2. Line the baking sheet with aluminium foil and brush with olive oil. Transfer the dough unto the sheet and score the dough so that you have four roughly equal areas.

3. On the first area, spoon some pesto and spread around. Add the black olives and a good dusting of parmesan (or parmesan curls)

4. On the second area spoon and spread some tomato sauce. Break the prosciutto in chunks. Add the goat cheese.

5. On the next area, spoon and spread some tomato sauce. Add fresh basil leaves. Cut the grape or cherry tomatoes in half and distribute evenly. Add shredded mozzarella cheese.

6. On the last area, spoon and spread tomato sauce. Add fresh basil leaves. Cut the bocconcini and place on top of the basil leaves.

7. Don’t overload the pizza with sauce or runny toppings, so the dough doesn’t get soggy.

8. Cook for 30 minutes on the lowest rack in the oven, or until the dough is cooked though and golden.


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