Lavender Lemonade

I’ve been, how to say, slightly obsessed with any cold summery drinks in the last few weeks. Lemonades, iced teas, floral infusions. So much that my brother picked up a few colored glass bottles so I can store them in something less bulky than the pitcher I’ve been using.

And the same day he brought those home I saw this Lavender Lemonade recipe being shared around on Facebook.  I won’t repost the whole recipe, just the ingredients, pictures and my notes. Go and check out the source website!

1/2 cup honey
5 cups water
1 table spoon dried lavender
Juice of 5 lemons


  • I would probably use only 1/4 of a cup of honey next time, as the honey became the main note, overpowering even the lemons.
  • I allowed the lavender to infuse for about 1h, I would give it more time, once again, to really amplify that note.
  • Pretty color!




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