Diced Tomatoes

Delicious building blocks for a ton of recipes. You want to use “plum” type tomatoes, firmer. I used San Marzano tomatoes but any plum type would work.

The rule with this is to remember the 1 1/4 lb roughly per pint. And the citric acid. Tomatoes are just shy of being acidic enough on their own, the citric acid make them safe to can using only a waterbath.

Yield : 18 pints.

25 lbs of tomatoes
4.5 teaspoon citric acid

Kitchen scale and a kettle.


1. Fill a sink with warm soapy water. Wash your jars, checking for chips along the rim. Rinse well to remove the soap. Allow to drip.

2. Weight out 9 lbs of tomatoes (seen in the set-up pic).
Then weight out a smaller batch of 2lbs or so in a heat resistant bowl. Bring a kettle to a boil and pour the boiling water over the (cleaned) tomatoes. Allow to sit in the water until the skins split. I need to score mine since a few had thicker skins.
Drain the hot water, rinse in cold tap water.

3. Fill the kettle back and start it again.
Working quickly slip the tomatoes out of their skins. Quarter them (if they are on the bigger side, cut the quarters in two length wise) and throw into a pot. You want to bring them to a boil as quickly as possible. As you cut more tomatoes push them into the simmering liquid, don’t let them stay on top.

4. Repeat until you have only one batch left. Scald you jars (you want them boiling for a good 5 minutes). Depending on the tomatoes one 9 lbs batch will yield between 6 and 7 pints. So I always prep 7. Drop in the rings and lids about 2 minutes before taking the jars out.

5. Peel the last tomatoes, dice and push into the simmering mass. Allow to cook for a further 2 minutes while you finish preparing the jars.

6. Drain the scalded jars and fish out the rings and lids.
Add 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid per jar.

7. Fill, leaving a good 1/2″ head space.

8. Wipe the rims, put on the covers, making sure the rings are only finger tight.
Return to the water bath and process for 35 minutes.

9. Repeat until you run out of tomatoes.

10. Allow to cool fully.


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